How To Turn A Protective Style Inspiration Into A Masterpiece.

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To! 

 Inspiration can come from anything at any given time. To be inspired by something or someone, one has to be open to new idea's. When someone is inspired, that person somehow gets the sudden urge to do something creative based off the influence they saw from something or someone else. To be inspired is an awesome place to be mentally. Creativity is conceived which brings forth a masterpiece in the end.

Photo via Google Images

Let's take this hairstyle I've found via Google Images for example. Even as a hairstylist, I couldn't imitate this hairstyle because it isn't my creation. However, I was inspired to put my own spin on this hairstyle based off my own abilities. I am fully aware of my strengths & weaknesses. Just because I can't do something the exact same way as someone else doesn't mean I am not good at what I do. The same rule also applies to you. Just because you are not a hairstylist doesn't mean your hairstyles are not just as good. Embrace your truth. Love what you have and will create with your hands.

Here is my version of the beautiful hairstyle featured above. There are small similarities between the two hairstyles yet my version was shaped to be more age appropriate for a child. I love my version just as much as I love the original. Through inspiration, I was able to recreate this hairstyle.

I write this to say, you can do anything you put your mind to. If you see a hairstyle you wish to imitate (in the words of Nike) JUST DO IT! No your version may not be the exact same as the original but you have put your own creative spin on it which makes it a MASTERPIECE! 

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