Happy Independence Day 2013

Freedom - Self - Determination - Power - Strength In The Lives Of Our Children.

Featured Independence Day Hair Style;
Creative Cornrows with Red, White & Blue Beads.
  Independence, one word that is embedded in the hearts of people all over the world yet depending on who you talk to has a deep and personal meaning as to why it is important to them. No matter what that personal meaning is, everyone wants to be FREE to do what they want to do.

   What a wonderful day in the world where our children can be adventurous in the kinds of hairstyles they choose to wear. Whether it be an Afro, Locs, Mini Braids, Double Strand Twist, Cornrows or Extensions, our children can wear these styles in freedom and with pride.

   Our hair as been the focus point relating to every negative/derogatory name in the book in the history of this country and beyond. I am glad to be a standard-bearer in this day in age. Leading every child who's hair I've touched with my hands to feel comfortable, powerful & enlightened with strength to be proud of the skin they 're living in as well as the texture of their hair.

 I will continue to plant seeds of self love & acceptance while providing the hair with proper care.

   Parents, Friends & Stylist, continue to style the heck out of your little ones hair. Oh, & don't forget to tell them how smart & beautiful they are. Positive self-esteem begins at home. Let's keep our children smiling from ear to ear.

What does Independence mean to you on this day? Feel Free to share your thoughts. I hope you liked today's featured hairstyle: Creative Cornrows with Red, White & Blue Beads.

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