Kids Hairstyles: Cornrows & Beads

Cornrow Style for Child Age 5.

Keep It Simple!

  Keeping the hair styling process simple is especially important for children ages 5-year-old & under. It is better for children in that particular age group NOT have Cornrows or Twist styled in their hair smaller than the ring or index finger. Children that age may not have the patience to sit for long periods of time. The appearance of a hairstyle isn't the only factor that is important in the whole hair care process. Regimen (hair washing, conditioning etc.) parent & child patient level, as well as the process of taking the hairstyle down when it is old are all important factors to consider when caring for young children & their hair. A successful bonding experience is the goal. Remember, the plan is to create joyful/positive memories. Either styling the hair or taking it down, keeping it simple will be a huge joy for you both.

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