Adult Styles: Cornrows & Twist Pin-Up.

Hair Styles by Chi Chi Sophistication, Specializing in Natural Hair Care & Braiding  for Children......& Adults!

   My biological sister Katrina and I decided a few months ago to began a partnership in Natural Hair Care & Braiding. My Sister has been a certified stylist for years and just recently received her Bachelors Degree in Business & Associates Degree in Administrative Office Management. I will continue to provide Natural Hair Care for Children, while she provide hair care & braiding for adults. I really believe we will make an excellent team. 

   Katrina styled our dear friend, Youtuber SouthernGirl hair a few weeks ago. I think SouthernGirl look BEAUTIFUL! Photo was taken and belonging to RiqImages & SouthernGirl. Feel free to share your thoughts.

My little sister, Katrina & I. I hope our mom is PROUD!

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