Hair Obsession: The Obama Girls

  If I had my way for a day, I would style Malia & Sasha's Hair.

    The one thing I absolutely love about the Obama family is how grounded they keep their children. I have never ever seen  Malia or Sasha dressed inappropriately, or wearing their hair in grown, flashy hairstyles. It is tough keeping children of high profile parents sheltered from the public. I pat President Obama and First Lady Michelle on their backs for being phenomenal parents.

    I studied a few photo's of the Obama girls and wondered...WHO DOES THEIR HAIR? Styling these young girls hair would be a dream come true for any stylist. This would be the perfect opportunity for a hair care professional to show the world that there are many cute, kid friendly styles for children to wear. From my own hair collection, here is how I would style their hair.

      Let me began with Malia, President Obama's oldest daughter. For school, I would style her hair in Cornrow Protective styles. Because she is older, her hairstyles for school would be a little on the spunky side but still sharp and well groomed for a presidents daughter. My main focus would be to protect her hair because her family is always on the go.

For a formal White House Dinner, from my style collection, I would style Malia's hair in Flat Twist & Curls.

    Sasha, President Obama's youngest daughter, is cute as a button. Because she is so young, any hairstyle would be a great fit for her. Here is how I would style Sasha's hair for school. Cornrows & Beads. Beads are as friendly as they come. Every little girl loves to hear the sound of "click clack" as they walk down the halls at school from their Beads.. My main focus for her hair would be to create something that last up to 2 weeks. The younger a child is, the more active.

 For a formal White House Dinner, a simple Twist or Braid Out would do. Again, kid friendly is key.

    Total Hair Care is far more important than the actual look of a style. Because I do not know anything about the health of the Obama girls hair & skin, I can't discuss from a consultation stand point. I will however say that my focus for total Hair Care would be to stay away from Sulfate Shampoos, Keep Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque in mt hair care collection, Olive Oil, Imani Joy Natural Blended Butters and Black Caster Oil in my styling bag. I believe sticking to the basics is key to grow and maintain healthy hair and scalp. Consistency is also a major key factor as well as tying the hair down at night to prevent breakage.

    Well, now that my dream is over, it's back to my regular scheduled program. I must say, it was really fun to daydream about our first family. ;-) Share Your Thoughts. If you could style any famous persons hair, who would it be & why?

*All photo's with Chi Chi Sophistication Watermark seal are ownership of Chi Chi Sophistication. All photo's of the Obama family are from Google. Below are resources for Natural Hair Care & Braiding for children.

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