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The 4th Annual Vol. IV Premier

   The SANATA International Braiding and Natural Hair Care Magazine feature some of the most talented hairstyles from all over the World. E-Naturals and E-Braiding Organization provide resources and support for Natural Hair Care and Braiding Technicians. Upholding standards, rules regulations for Hair Braiders and Natural Hair Care Professionals so as to enhance the over all growth of the industry. For more information about E-Naturals and E-Braiding, visit it's website

    Due to the fact I was unable to stay for the whole dedication ceremony  (it was a school night), I do not think it is far to try to Recap this event. I will however, share my own personal experience of being apart of this highly, anticipated premier. This was Chi Chi Sophistication's first time attending and participating in the SANATA Magazine Premier. I was very excited when I was asked to be apart of this show. To be listed on the program among names like Nafy Diagne, Shanti Walker and Aziza Yasmine was an honor. I am very grateful to Sahande Sy for the invitation. Although I had to leave at 8:00pm, I still had a good time.

   I have personally decided to take a business leap of faith to join E-Naturals/E-Braiding Organization. My dream is to have at least one of my hairstyles featured in the SANATA Magazine Next Year. Just like any goal, it takes setting up the correct building blocks. I have to do what I think is best for Chi Chi Sophistication the brand. Specializing in Natural Hair Care and Braiding for Children. I have a few months to practice or create my signature hairstyle. Wish me luck ;-)

   While attending a number of hair shows this year, I have observed that runway hair is totally different from your normal every day hairstyle. The hair has to be big, flary, and just flat out over the top. I had planned to do what I had learned. I asked myself, "What can I do to help Chi Chi Sophistication stand out?" Here is what I came up with.

Kayla is 15 years old.  She has a full head of hair and I wanted to embrace her maturity. I styled her hair in Connected Ponytails & I Flat Iron/Curled her hair, no hair added. She was able to also wear this style to school the next morning

 Ashley is 12 years old and she is rocking a hot, spunky Cornrow Mohawk & Twist Out, with no hair added. 100% All Natural. Her curl pattern is a naturally curly.

 Ty is also 12 years old. She is wearing extensions styled in Cornrows and Bantu Knots. Her hair looks so pretty. It almost look like a Crown.

 Nia is 15 years old. Her hair is Cornrowed in her natural hair on one side and she has a sown in weave on the other side. Very mature look for a girl her age.

 Baby O is so adorable. She is our friend from Intermittent Babbling who is 3 years old. Baby O's hair is naturally curly. My original plan was to Cornrow both side of her hair into a French Braid & have a Twist Out in the front, but we all know how it is when children get together with their friends. They want to play play play! LOL So I decided to Cornrow one side of her hair and allow her to wear a Twist out. Her hair still turned out really pretty.

 This is Princess Lauryn. She is 4 years old. Lauryn could have very easily rocked a Twist Out because her hair is really long. I decided however to Cornrow the back of her hair in 6 big Cornrows and allow her to wear a Twist Out in the front. She loved her hair.

 This is is my Baby Be' AKA Sugar Momma. Please don't mind her silly fake smile lol. Be's hair look like it is styled into a Mohawk but it isn't. I Cornrowed her hair on both side as if it was going to be a Mohawk but I also Cornrowed the back of her hair up into a bun. I Twist Out the middle and the front. This event was a week ago and she is still wearing this look.

   Nikki from Intermittent Babbling custom designed these bows to go along with our Black and Cheetah Print Theme. These bows were absolutely adorable. Nikki took three artificial flowers I had is Be's bow box and created these bows. I am so grateful for Nikki. I can't thank her enough for taking the time out of her busy schedule to make these bows.

    I will like to thanks Sy & Nafy for inviting me to represent my business at their event. I will also like to thanks Nisha, Yvonne, Stacy, Nikki and all the other moms (who were unable to make it) for allowing their children to represent me for this show. They were the best team ever. TEAM work makes the DREAM work! Thank you all so much.

P.S. I have no pictures of the actually show, but there will be pictures post up on their website soon. I will purchase the pictures and show them here on the blog. Below are a few pictures of the girls having fun.

Many of these girls met one another for the first time. I love the spirit of children.
Waiting for their names to be called.

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