Natural Is Not A FAD! (Recap)

Presented by Koils by Nature Natural Hair and Body Products.

 The beautiful Pamela Jenkins, CEO of Koils by Nature Natural Hair and Body Products.

   On Saturday October 15, 2011, Koils by Nature presented its highly anticipated Natural Hair Affair called Natural Is Not A FAD! This event took place at the elegant Westin Hotel in the heart of the National Harbor located in Maryland. A day of sisterhood bonding, love, education and the celebration of Natural Hair were the focal points. I really had a great time.

    Of course there were the obvious giveaways/door prizes and vendors, which were magnificent by the way. There was a grand, bright red carpet waiting for everyone to walk across. The Koils by Nature Photo backdrop was like a scene from a Hollywood premier. Of all the thrills that took place at this event, What I liked most about Natural Is Not A FAD is how Pamela joined people together from many expertise and created a meaningful educational environment for all of her attendees. She allowed the experts to touch on many different subjects relating to Natural Hair and total health care as a whole, something extremely different from most Natural Hair Events I've attended. There were topics of Green Living, Fitness/Zumba, Children's Hair Care, Sexy Hair Styling, Product Making, wholistic living and Pamela spoke on why she decided to bring everyone together for an event such as this. Natural Is Not A FAD! We all were born Natural. We should be comfortable with the way God made us. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AS IS!

Panelist Included.....

 Mushiya, founder and owner of the DAMN Salon. Mushiya shared her passion of spreading the message that Natural Hair doesn't have to be boring. The DAMN Salon focus on spunky, sexy, natural hair styling. The DAMN Salon styled hair during this event as well as performed a fabulous Natural Hair Show. The DAMN Salon did a DAMN good job of creating urban, bold and beautiful hair styles for some of the attendees.
Cassidy Blackwell, founder and editor of Natural Selection, elaborated on being comfortable with your own natural hair. She shared her natural hair story and how she fell in love with her hair. She also shared how she became her own hair care expert. Cassidy talked about her website, products she use and hair care as a whole.
 Jamesha Bazemore, CEO of Imani-Joy Naturals, Certified Stylist and Salon Owner, shared her expert advice on Natural Hair Care for Children and Adults. Jamesha shared of her passion for Natural Hair Care and her product line. While teaching a Natural Hair Care for Children Class during this event, Jamesha provided information on hair care, shared her hair care recipes, provided coloring pages for the children as well as hosted a huge giveaway basket full hair care goodies.
Keianna/KeeKeeAllNatural (ME) founder, writer and editor of Chi Chi Sophistication, Certified Stylist who Specializes in Natural Hair Care and Braiding for Children. I shared my reasons for specializing in Natural Hair Care for Children. My passion is to support families as we rebuild the self image of our African American children. My desire is to create hairstyles that stand out and spread the message of self love and acceptance, while providing the hair with proper care.
   There were other presentations by Katrina Davis, Aevin Dugas, Lamik Makeup by Roxie, Hair Show by Jennifer Lord, and Zumba Party by Sharnia Murray. I absolutely give Pamela 5 out of 5 stars. She hosted an excellent event.

  Thanks so much for reading my post and as always share your thoughts. I will like to thank Pamela for inviting me & showing me & business love. I am so grateful for the opportunity she gave me. Love You PAM! Below are photo's I captured with my camera of Koils by Nature, Natural Is Not A FAD!

Pam all smiles!
Doesn't these ladies look FAB?
Kandid Koils of Twitter & Cassidy Blackwell posing for the camera.
Katrina Davis, sharing about wholistic living.
Natural Beauties!
Aevin Dugas,  winner of Guinness Book of Records for the Largest Afro & I.
Big Afro, Little
Volunteer....Gotta have those earrings girl!
My sister Terri.....Love her.
Pamela & Jamesha.....looking like sisters.
Mommy & her beautiful baby!!!!!
The DAMN Salon styling hair during the event.
Aevin Dugas...BLACK POWER!
HI CASSIDY! ~Waving at you~
Youtube in the HOUSE!
* Disclaimer: Photo's  that are not water marked with Chi Chi Sophistication on it belong to Pamela of Koils by Nature.
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