Upcoming Events (locally)

Hello Everyone!

It's time for me to catch you all up on a few events that are coming up this summer.

Ethiopian Camp: Jamesha Bazemore & I have been invited to provide natural hair care at an Ethiopian Camp in Virginia this July. Jamesha asked me to come out and help her educate the parents about Natural Hair Care. I am very blessed to have been asked to come. I am grateful to Jamesha. http://www.heritageandculturecamp.org. Also, make sure you check out and join Jamesha's Facebook Community Page Natural Hair Care for Children.

Nappy-Oke: Tempie Satcher is at it again! Home-girl just rapped up her 6th Annual D.C. Love Locs Natural Hair Expo in April, she just came out with her new book "Don't Get Discouraged Be Encouraged" & now she is promoting her other Natural Hair/ Karaoke Event called Nappy-Oke! Nappy-Oke will be held at P.G. Community College on October 29, 2011. She is currently looking for vendors for this event. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at Nappy-Oke's Event, email Tempie Satcher at asaze2000@hotmail.com. Save-The-Dates for this event are coming soon, so stay tuned.

S.E.L.F. Image Awards: The S.E.L.F. Image Awards is a Bi-annual event hosted by Marci Walker and her son Shanti Walker, whose mission is to raise money to help provide shelter for women and children who are victims of Domestic Violence. If you share the same passion as Mrs. Marci & Shanti, and would like to help with this excellent cause, HERE IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Mrs. Walker is looking for businesses to contribute products to the Awards Gift bags. Your company/business will receive recognition for helping this wonderful cause. There are 350 bags to stuff! If you are interested, contact Marci Walker & Shanti Walker via email mdmwlkrsbraids@aol.com. Also, check out their website for more information on the S.E.L.F. Image Awards. 

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