Business Spotlight: Flowers From Fatima + GIVEAWAY

Fatima, owner of Flowers From Fatima.
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   Today's Business Spotlight is Flowers From Fatima. Fatima makes these really fine, elegant hair accessories. I came across her online store via Our Natural Kids community site. I saw the link to her online store.....I clicked on it....OMG!....NNNIIICCCEEE! I fell in love with her collection. The boldness & fresh colors really caught my attention. With Summer finally here, Big, Bright, Flower Clips & Headbands are the perfect accessory for any little girl. I couldn't fully appreciate these beautiful hair accessories until I got to know the woman behind the craft. Below is a 5 question interview with the owner of Flowers From Fatima.

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to become an  Entrepreneur?

A: I've always wanted to be my own businesswoman. It runs in the family! When I was in elementary school, I actually started my own "Art Club" where I sold sketches of popular children's cartoons...So, the desire to be an entrepreneur was born at a young age!

Q: As you begun the Entrepreneur process, what was the most difficult part of starting your own business? 

A: The most difficult part of entrepreneurship, which changes as I grow, has been the financial aspect. As a young entrepreneur with a small startup plan, the funding for the business was limited. However, I worked modestly with what I had made up for the lack of financial drive with love, dedication, and trust that the business would bloom.

Chocolate Hibiscus Hair Clips

Q:What's special about your Flower Clips & when did you realize that you've found your niche?

A: Flowers From Fatima is a unique line of floral accessories that stands apart from others in the market because of one of its most unique qualities, which is the beautifully realistic design of the flowers. Our silk hair flowers are reflective of the true beauties of Nature. I discovered my niche when I found that my peers in high school and college were looking for unique floral accessories to wear on ordinary occasions. Soon after, the business expanded and women began asking for custom pieces to be made for weddings. My customers inspired ME. It was then that I began getting into the wedding industry.

Q:What is the inspiration behind the designs of your flower clips?

A: My designs are inspired by the beautiful flowers of Nature. I often find myself mimicking the exotic flowers of the Carribean and the simplistic beauties of local gardens. My pieces are also inspired by the changes of the seasons. 

Orange Monarch Butterfly Hair Clip
Q: As it relates to dreams coming true, what advice would you give someone who is contemplating turning their hobby into a business? 

A: For those contemplating turning a hobby into a business, I would strongly suggest that they love what they do first and foremost. A strong belief in self is key. In addition, the economic aspect of business can be fruitful, but when there is a sincere love behind the craft, others can see that and will support your gift regardless.

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   2 Chi Chi Sophistication reader will win a Headband or Flower Clip from this lovely collection. Each item was paid in full by me, that's how much I enjoyed Fatima's collection. I love you ladies! I am very grateful for your love & support. With that being said, here is how you can enter this GIVEAWAY!

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   Giveaway starts from now until June 21 at 12noon. Winners will be selected via Due to shipping, this giveaway is hosted for U.S. residents.

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