This Blog Has Stolen My Content!

Hello Everyone,

   Today I write you all with a little annoyance in my heart...please bare with me.

   Last week, I ask my husband to take the right click off my blog because I had finally copy-written my blog as well as water marked most of my pictures. I thought my blog was in a safe place. So I thought....

   As always, I would Google my blog's name just to see what comes up in the search engines or to view my photo's to see if any of them have been stolen or copied. This morning, I Googled my blog name "Chi Chi Sophistication" and when I looked in the "Images" section on Google, I notice a picture that was not mine but was attached to my blog's name. I clicked on the link and here is what I found.

   Now, here is my original content that was taken without my permission and placed on that website.

   I plan to take legal action against this website because my blog as well as my content is mine. I am also going to put my right click back up on my blog. This does not make any sense. I am annoyed as well as shocked at how quickly these morons acted in stealing my content.

   I will not post any content for the rest of this week. I need to take actions to ensure the safety of my blog. Have a good week & protect yourselves.

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