When Your Insecurity Speaks...

Poem by Keianna Johnson

When your insecurity tries to speak to you, tell her to SHUT UP!
Make it clear to her that doubt is not welcome in your mind. Inform her that your mind is the home of positive thinking. Creativity lives on the inside of you.Your mind is where God blesses your fruitful idea's. A place of peace. A place of rest. A place where actions are born.

When your insecurity tries to speak through you, shout with all your might... SHUT UP!
 Remind her that depression can not rob you of your joy any longer. Her lies of defeat are no longer welcomed into your core. Her lies are no longer your self pity crutches you use to walk. Her fears cannot live as a gray cloud over your head. Her poison is on Death Row...SHE HAS GOT TO GO!

When your insecurity tries to beg you to allow her to stay, roll your eyes while you inform her to BE GONE!   Help her to recall the day you washed your hands of her ridiculous ways. Prevent her from aging you any longer with sleepless nights. No more bags under your eyes. Tell her your health is important to you. No more  eating 12 pies because you are sad. So what if life knocks you down! Remind her of your two beautiful healthy legs that will allow you to get back up again to finish any race. 

Tell her to SHUT UP! Her words are the reason why so many people live unfulfilled & unmotivated lives. Go ahead...You are allowed to yell at her. She can not make you feel anything from this day forward, because to love her is a choice. Ensure her that today is her sunset, her home going service.... & her echo's are never to be heard in your heart again.

Oh, once she leaves you, don't miss her. If by chance you began reminiscing of the friendship you had with her, remember how awful she treated you.

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