Book Of The Month: March

Hello All...

       I have two books I'm featuring here on Chi Chi Sophistication this month. The first Book is......

The Little Black Book of Success; Laws of Leadership for Black Women.
By: Elaine Meryl Brown,Marsha Haygood & Rhonda Joy McLean
I paid .50 cents for this book on

       The second book is a Children's Book....

Giant Steps to Change the World
By: Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee
I also paid .50 cents for this book from

       A friend of mine recently asked me, "KeeKee, why don't you conduct book reviews on the books you feature on your blog?". My reason is to allow people to read for themselves.

        Almost half of our area Bookstores are closing due to low book sales. This is really sad...seriously. I hope by me posting a book each month encourage others to read more often. If I give book reviews, there will be no real reason for anyone to read.... so.....GOOD LUCK ON READING! lol

Share your thoughts...How do you feel about area bookstores closing their stores for good?

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