Bobeam Natural Hair Products by Laquita Thomas Banks #1

Bobeam Natural Hair Products by Laquita Thomas Banks

 Many of you have heard me state that I've never used any Natural Haircare Products in my hair. My reasoning was because I thought it "wasn't that serious" to become exclusive and break my penny bank over an expensive Natural Haircare Product when I can purchase the cheep Hair Grease at my local Beauty Supply Store. Plus, I wasn't in the mood to become a Natural Hair SNOB!...You know who I'm talking about. Those Natural Hair "miss-know-it-all's" who would pimp slap you if they heard you mentioning the words Perm or Relaxer. Yep, those sisters are Natural Hair Snobs. I did not want to become that kind of person who looked down on others who choose to wear their hair relaxed.

      But as time went on, my mind became curious as to how my hair would look & feel if I fed it something nutritious. I would watch Youtube over and over again with my mouth wide open when I would hear many of my "Natural Hair" wearing sisters talking about how Shea Butter made their hair soft. Or, other sisters would rave about how a Natural Hair Product (made with pure ingredients) made their hair curly and or GROW! I wanted my hair to do all of those things because it was not soft, or curly or growing. Instead it was dry, brittle, & damaged.

Honey Shea Shampoo Bar with all natural ingredients.
       It did not take long for me to find a product I can test on my hair... Bobeam Natural Hair Products was my product of choice because I have met & talked with the CEO (Laquita Thomas Banks) a few times as well as collaborated my very first Giveaway with her for my Youtube Channel and here, Chi Chi Sophistication. Plus, she had mentioned that she was going to give me a few free samples. You all know that my heart did a back flip when I heard the word FREE! lol

      So today's post is the First of Six Post I'm going to write on Bobeam Natural Hair Products...I've been using the Shampoo bars for about 6 weeks now & I've been using her Shea Moisture Cream for about a month. I am please with the results but I am going to show you better than I can tell you. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post. I am going to show you why I am a fan of Bobeam Natural Hair Products.

      Feel free to share your comments. Your views are always welcome here. Why did you decide to use all Natural ingredients as part of your haircare regiment? 

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