Black History: Martin Luther King Jr. & Diana Ross

Many of us, when we think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, we remember the man behind the "I have a Dream" speech. We think of the man who wanted nothing more than to have equal rights for all mankind. We celebrate Dr. Kings life & legacy year after year with happiness & pride in our hearts because many parts of his famous dream has come to past. However, I could not stop thinking of the fact that Dr. King's children lost their father to violence during a time in their lives when they needed him the most. Although he was our Hero, in the end, he was their Father.

This picture shows me another side of Dr. King. A MAN eating dinner with his CHILDREN. To some of you this photo may not mean much to you at all bur in my eyes, this picture is worth a 1000 words. May Dr. King rest in peace.

I am pretty sure Diana Ross is rocking a wig in this photo, but I can honestly say that she was one of the first women who've made a Natural Hairstyle look fun & sexy. You go Diana Ross!

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