Sunday's Spotlight Interview: The Society for Girls Organization

In the pic from L - R: Jarrod Dockett, Kehli Cage (Chairwoman of Programming), Shantelle Johnson (Founder/Executive Chair), Bernadette Cox (Sponsorship/Volunteer Chairwoman), Dana Robinson (Chairwoman of Promotions & Marketing), Kyle McKinney (Finance Chairman)

The Society for Girls is a local non-profit organization with a dynamic mission towards empowering the next generation of girls ages 11-13, to make a pleasant transition from youth into womanhood. All Staff members are college graduates, and are dedicated to giving their very best to serve their local community with pride & dignity.

 A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet the Founder of The Society for Girls Organization, Shantelle Johnson at a local Cheese & Wine Event Honoring this amazing organization. She was accompanied with her dear friend & Staff member Bernadette Cox as well as a good friend we both share, Bridgett Allen. The four of us ate & laughed for hours. Shantelle & Bernadette were extremely down-to-earth yet, their personalities exude profound intelligent's & classiness.

Recently, I conducted an interview with Ms. Bernadette Cox (Sponsorship/Volunteer Chairperson) about her personal inspiration behind her involvement with The Society for Girls. Here's what she had to say.....

Q: Tell me a little about yourself and the nature of The Society for Girls Organization?

A: I am a young woman who is trying to make a positive mark on the world by doing good in someone's life. I have always had a passion to help others. I was/am that friend that you come to with your problems for honest advice. Strangers do it too! I am able to do that on the job (as a case manager for the mentally ill) as well as through The Society For Girls, Inc. This organization was founded and created by my friend, Shantelle Johnson. Our mission is "to empower girls to be smart, resourceful, and confident; by engaging them in their communities, building their self-esteem, and encouraging them to make a positive mark on the world."

Q: What sparked your interest in helping young girls in your community?

A: What sparked my interest in helping young girls in my community was that I realized many young girls I have encountered feel that they lack a voice and have so much to express, share and learn. They go through so much; bodies changing/developing, hormones and emotions that it can be overwhelming. Some may not be able to talk with parents or loved ones. Our organization gives them a space to share, reflect and learn about themselves and others around them. They are also able to get help and preventative information for whatever they may be going through at the time.

Group Discussion 

Q: Talk about a time when you/business partners had to overcome major obstacles as it relates to planning meetings etc. to support the girls?

A: As the sponsorship/volunteer chairwoman, a major obstacle to overcome was obtaining sponsorship for the organization. I can honestly say, I had no experience in this area, but I was determined to get what was necessary to help our organization flourish. In the beginning, I felt like productivity was at a standstill. I stayed up late, brainstormed with other board members, prayed, made numerous phone calls, wrote letters, got rejected. It seemed like no one wanted to lend a hand to this newly formed organization. But through it all, someone said yes! That gave me the motivation to keep moving forward so that our girls could have the supplies they needed.

The Staff of The Society for Girls Organization engaging the young women in a hands on activity.

Q: What advice would you give parents who are considering allowing their daughters to attend The Society for Girls Organization?

A: Advice to parents: if you feel uncomfortable or are unsure of our process and how we conduct things, feel free to contact us, sit in on a session or even speak with your child about how they feel our organization is/can be beneficial to them.

Q: How would parents, sponsors & or supporters get in contact with you as it relates to The Society for Girls Organization?

 A: I am available through phone, email, fax, bbm! I try to be as accessible as possible!

Twitter: Society4Girls
Youtube Channel: Society4Girls
Phone: 444-614-7395
Fax: 240-568-6179
To contact me directly:

 Bernadette Cox (Sponsorship/Volunteer Chairwoman)

Feel Free to support & share your thoughts on The Society for Girls Organization. Please plan to sponsor and/or donate a few hours of your time to support The Society for Girls Organization in their mission towards molding responsible young women for a better tomorrow.

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