Hairstyles For Kids: Yaky Pony Trio Braids

Synthetic Hair Brand: Yaky Trio Braid Hair

Happy New Year! This is my first blog post of 2011. I am excited to be writing again. I love talking about hair.

Today's Featured Hair Brand is Yaky Pony Trio Braid Hair by Bobbi Boss. This hair is Synthetic and 100% Toyokalan Fiber. Hairstyle type is Wet N Wavy. This brand of hair can be purchased online as well as in your local Beauty Supply Store for $4.99 per pack.

Yaky Pony Trio Braid Hair by Bobbi Boss.

  Meet Lady J. She is a young Basketball athlete. Lady J's mom wanted a convenient, age appropriate hair style that would endure through sweaty Basketball practices yet cute enough to be worn to school and church.

Lady J. Our Future WMBA star.
J's mom wanted an easy to maintain hairstyle for her daughter that had the potential of lasting 2 to 3 weeks. We both agreed that adding Synthetic hair to Lady J's natural hair would be the best option for a lasting hairstyle.

There were 3 things I like about styling while using the Yaky hair:

  1. The hair was soft to the touch/easy to manage.
  2. Hair is packaged ready to style and curled at the ends.
  3. Affordable in price. 

 Lady J mom was pleased with her daughters hairstyle.    

Share your thoughts. Have you ever used Yaky hair? How much does Yaky Pony Trio hair cost in your area? What hairstyle idea's do you have planned for using Yaky hair?       

Notice how I did not pull her Baby Hair around her face into the Cornrows?
This is to prevent Alopecia.

The left side.
The Cornrows are braided close together. 
The Back.

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