Reflections Of 2010...

     As 2010 comes to a close and is never to be seen again, I am so thankful for all that I have. I am grateful to God for all the wise men & women he has placed in my life to teach me to become a better person. I am over joyed for being blessed with the ability to move forward & embrace newness as well as abundance in my life. New Beginnings are just a few days away. I am preparing for it with eyes wide open.

     I have decided to walk into this New Year with all things forgiven. Old Family hurts & drama are no longer in my memory. To be blessed with all of my family members alive & accounted for is more than just a blessing, it is FAVOR! To have my Mom, Pops, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles & all of my extremely silly, crazy, yet beautiful & hard working Cousins, on all sides of my family, is worth smiling about. I have a new understanding of all of us being different because we are all individuals from many different walks of life. I know where the "REAL LOVE" is, and it is with you guys. I love you all with all my heart & soul. Let us all take this year by storm together. Walking hand in hand.

     As I reflect on 2010, I have learned many life lessons. I have learned what the real meaning of Joy is in my life, which is my faith in God, my family, good friends, my dreams & my profession. I have learned diligently to be content in whatever state I am in, which is a process I am living out daily. Whither a Stay-At-Home Mom, Student, or Working Professional, BE CONTENT! God is in the mist of it all & has blessed me & my family tremendously.

      I also have a better understanding of what has the potential to become a cancer in my life. I've learned that I already had a productive life without going back in time. Without connecting with people who has never been of an importance or even a positive impact in my life. I have, however, had a more productive life with just my family, childhood friends & good people I have met along the way who I have adopted into my family. There was no need for me, in 2010 to connect with fraudulent individuals, who did nothing more than pull me into their storms. There was no need for me to fix what was not broken. I thought I was in need of new friends but God taught me that I already have more than enough love and support from those people who were already active in my life. He also taught me to walk with my eyes wide open, to Woman-Up, control my own actions & forgive others no matter what.

      So instead of crying over spilled milk, I will embrace my life lessons of 2010. I will rejoice in the fact that God saw fit to give me a few hands on experiences that will forever impact my life. I am excited about the few Hard-Knock-Life experiences I've had this year. They have made me 10 times wiser & 0 times dumber lol. The difficult moments showed me how smart I am, what I need to change on the inside of me and how tough I am. A fighter by nature. I do not apologize for it.

     As I close this Chapter in my life, Just as Oprah would do every year. I am going to end my last post of 2010 with photo's of My Favorite Things of 2010....CHEETAH PRINT! lol..I have no clue as to where this obsession came from but I love it. All I need to complete my collection is a Cheetah Snuggie, Cheetah Print Comforter, Cheetah Print Lab Top Case, Cheetah Print Coffee Mug, Cheetah Print High Heels & Customize My Blog in Cheetah Print..After that, I will be done with my collection lol.


My Cheetah Print Bow my Mother-In-Love
gave me.
My Cheetah Chest. I keep all of my writing material in it.
The inside of my Cheetah Chest. I got it from Ross for $10.
My Cheetah Lamp Shade. I got it from Ross for $5.99.
My Cheetah Make-Up Bag. I brought it from the Thrift Store
for $.94.

I am Cheetah Out! LOL! Cheetah Blanket is a gift
from my Husband. Cheetah socks is a gift from my
good friend Stacia, and Cheetah Head Wrap is a
gift from my Mother-In-Love.
I will like to thank all of you for following Chi Chi Sophistication. Thank you for your love & constant feedback. I really enjoy writing & sharing with you all my interest & talents. I love you all. I wish you a Happy & Safe New Year! Peace & Love.

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