Memory Lane: Let's Take A Walk...

     My Husband & I met many many years ago in our teenage years. We were 15 years old to be exact. It was love at first sight for me...seriously yall...You can ask my cousin Nakisha. lol. I saw this tall, slinky dude walking down the highway off of Kenilworth Ave. & we both glances at each other in passing. Every sense that moment, I had an eye on him. He was the cutest dude around the way...or at least he was the cutest boy in my eyes lol. I liked him without even knowing him. I liked him before I had a chance to say hello to him. I liked him before we could even exchange smiles. The glance he gave me won me over. I still remember it til this day.

     I can remember our first real encounter with one another. We were at the swimming pool. He was with all his friends in the neighborhood & I was with my favorite cousin Nakisha. When I saw the "tall slinky" dude at the swimming pool, I was nervous.

     I was a  tall skinny girl who had no shape, wearing a swimsuit. I had a history of saying stupid things and I didn't want to look stupid in front of the "tall slinky" guy I saw walking....Anyway, I blocked all that out of my mind & got into the pool to swim.

     I really couldn't swim past 3 or 4 feet of water. I played it safe, so I thought. The "Tall, slinky" dude swam under me & pulled my legs under the water. My whole body went under the water including my head. I panicked! I thought I was drowning (in 4 feet of water). I kicked him in the head with ALL MY MIGHT! I got out of the water pissed off. He followed me out of the pool to tell me that he was just joking around but I cursed  him out. He was everything but a child of God that were the good old days.

     I can remember the day when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Every teenager in the community was outside playing in the neighborhood that Friday night. The word had gotten out that I had a crush on him. I was nervous out of my mind. I had never had a boyfriend, never had a date, never been alone with a boy,  never had an intimate conversation with a boy before.  I wasn't sure how all of this was going to play out.  All I knew was that I wanted him to know how I felt about him without all the hype and controversy the neighborhood kids made it out to be.

      To make matters worse, I wasn't a confident teen. I was uncomfortable when it came to boys...I was afraid of his possibly rejecting me in front of all my friends...I wasn't sure about him knowing that I have had a secret crush on him, or at least not in front of everyone in the community.

     I can still remember our first kiss...Well let me just say, IT WAS NOT GOOD! I had never kissed a boy before so I didn't think to freshen up. You see, earlier that day, my Aunt T cooked Salisbury Steak for dinner. You all know what Salisbury Steak taste like? With all the onions & spices, Yep, that tasted was still in my mouth hours later.

     Bryan walked me over to the park so we can talk a little and get some alone time together. After our talk, he asked me for a kiss. I told him that I had never kissed a boy before & that I was nervous. He was shocked but nevertheless, he ensured me that everything was going to be OK. He leaned in to kiss me, I was scared out of my mind, but I closed my eyes & kissed him. YUCK! We both tasted my dinner & I was totally

     Anyway, I say all this to say that there is nothing wrong with walking down Memory Lane from time to time. It gives us a better appreciation of our lives, & the people we share it with. When we are facing difficult times, either it is in our love relationships, in a death of a loved one, or if we are facing depression for whatever reason, Memory Lane can help us better cope with painful situations. It can even be the courage we need to make things better in our lives. It can also be the light we need to help us appreciate the blessings we have TODAY! Feel free to share your thoughts. 

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