Holiday Wars: Bedbugs!

     The Holiday Season is a joyous time. We get to spend quality time with our close family and friends. Everyone volunteer's to cook their favorite potluck dishes for all to eat & enjoy. The Holiday Season reminds us of love, peace, and goodness. With all the love in the air, no one thinks of the unwanted hitch hikers that crawl out at night like little vampires to feed on our flesh by sucking our blood. I am talking about.....BEDBUGS!

Photo from Google. key words: BEDBUGS!
    These blood thirsty creepy crawlers are on the rise in the Washington D.C. area. Our city is #6 on the list of Cities Hit Hard by Bedbugs. Baltimore is #10 on the list. We can't even shop at retail stores or go to the movies in peace without the possibility of bringing home one of these nasty bugs. So to have guest over for the Holidays could possibly be an open invitation for them to come chill at our homes. 

     It doesn't matter if your house is clean or dirty. Bedbugs do not discriminate. They are just looking for a warm cozy place to sleep by day & a hot meal to munch on by night. There is no need to fear because there is hope. I'll show you some preventative measures my husband and I always take when we have guest over to protect our home from an infestation of Bedbugs. It has worked for us, I am sure it will work for you.

Step #1: You must have Mattress Covers on every bed in the house. We brought our mattress covers from K-Mart for $14.00 each. You will need a Mattress Cover on the Box Spring of the bed as well as the mattress itself. The best part about shopping at K-Mart is their 8 week Layaway plan. Take advantage of K-Mart Layaway Plan and get what you need.

Me putting Mattress Covers on
a bed in the kids room.
It zips up on the side to keep the bugs

Step #2: Visit on the web. You can find Pest Control items that will protect your home. A Bedbug Kit of any size is a must have to keeping your home safe.

Me spraying the couch after entertaining

This book is absolutely free.
Download your copy at
BedLam is a product that kills Bedbugs. It can protect
your home up to 6 months.

Step #3: Conduct an inspection of all the wood furniture in your house. Spray all cracks or possible hiding places. They love wood.  

     So keep your home safe this Holiday Season from Bedbugs by taking preventatives measures to keeping your home happy & safe.. Have a Bless & Safe Holiday. Peace & Love ~KeeKee~

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