Autism Walk For D.C. Nov. 6 2010

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I am sharing with you guys today an issue that is dear to my heart. My son Adrian has Autism. He is my 3rd child out of 4 children. Adrian is also a twin. Adrian was diagnosed with Autism when he was 18 months old, but I knew early on that something was seriously wrong with him. He did not sit up on his own until he was 6 months old. He didn't give my husband and I eye contact until he was a year old. He did not learn to walk until he was 17 or 18 months old. Also, he has never learned to talk in complete sentences. Adrian is severely Delayed Developmentally.

In the beginning of Adrian's diagnoses, My Husband & I had no clue as to what Autism was...We were confused! I can remember being Heart Broken when I first heard the diagnoses because I did not smoke or drink during my pregnancy. Being Pregnant with Twins is considered a "High Risk Pregnancy". I followed all the doctors orders. I ate the right foods, drunk enough water to last me a life time. I took my Prenatal Vitamins & I went to all of my Prenatal Visits. Adrian's diagnoses rocked our World! It is by the grace of God Adrian is currently progressing nicely and is becoming more and more Independent. I am grateful to God for blessing Bryan & I with the ability/strength to become proactive in Adrian's life by seeking medical attention for his condition.

Autism is a Mental Disorder which affects Communication. Most children who are diagnosed with Autism have noticeable Developmental Delays. Most Children with Autism can not talk and those who can communicate have a hard time relating to others. There is no cure for Autism and the Experts say they have no clue as to where Autism come from.

Here are the Facts According to Autism Speak, A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Finding a Cure For Autism.

Did You Know....
 *Today, a shocking 1 in 100 children is diagnosed with Autism.
 * 1 in 70 boys is on the Autism Spectrum.
 * A new case is diagnosed every 20 minutes.
 *There is no medical detection or cure for Autism.

Autism spectrumImage via Wikipedia

Millions of Families are dealing with the Autism. The spectrum is so wide. Where one Family may be experiencing growth and seeing improvement in their child's Development, another Family may be struggling with a more savier case of Autism. There are many Families who are living in denial about their child's Development. Fear has robed these Parents of the courage of getting their child evaluated. Who can blame them? It is very scary to hear a doctor make such a diagnoses. But I would encourage All Parents who are seeing signs of significant Developmental Delays in their child's Development to get their child evaluated. Early Intervention is the only key to success for an Autistic child. We owe it to our children to supply all their needs & support them with a healthy Education & Productive life.

It also doesn't help alleviate stress from families knowing the fact that insurance companies do not want to help fund Autism or disorders like it because they consider these disorder as Pre-exsisting condition. The financial stress has lead many couples to Divorce Court.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in providing the proper care for a child with Autism, seek these Agencies:

*Your Child's Pediatrician.

*Your Local Social Security Agency. They will help (those who qualify) with free medical services by providing Medicaid. SSI will also help those who are in need of financial Support to care for their Child who has a special need.

*Contact The ARC. The ARC is located in every city & town across the United States. The ARC offer free family services for children with Special Needs and their families. They also offer free evaluation services and lead families to the best schools that'll cater to all the needs of the child.

*Autism Speak. They have tons of information on their website about Autism and they offer clinical studies for those who are interested.

The Autism Walk went very well as you can tell from the video above. I will like to thank Everyone who came out to support my Family & I in the Autism Walk for D.C. Shout Out to Lamont School Staff. Cousin Danielle & her Hubby. Bridgett & Lil Garrett. Your presence was greatly appreciated.

References: Autism Speak, Wikipedia, and My own personal experiences.

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