It's Our Anniversary! Bryan & I have been married for 3 years & boy time sure does fly. I can remember all the fun we had like it was yesterday. All the loved ones & friends who came out to support our Union were all there and accounted for.

I can remember when I was getting dressed in my wedding gown, how someone came into the dressing room to tell me "THE CAKE IS NOT HERE YET!". My heart dropped to the floor...20 minute later, the cake was in it's proper place. lol

I can remember staying at my mom's house the night before Bryan & I got married. My sisters & I had our last "sisterhood girl talk". We all slept in our childhood beds, talked about our childhood, & all the fun we had as kids. That last "sisterhood talk" to this day makes me cry because It was confirmation that we are no longer kids. We are no longer snugged under mommy's wings. We are all grown up. We're on our own.

I can remember seeing Bryan waiting for me when I walked into the sanctuary. Although all the people stood when I walked into the room, I did not see any of them. I only had eyes for Him. I was finally going to be one with my teenage love. Something I wanted to do from the moment I first saw him. 

Our vows, our first kiss as Husband & Wife...the fact that my first encounters with love were all shared with him. I love this man with all my heart. I am grateful & thankful to God for my King. So before I go any further with this post, I want to share with you all the GRAND PRIZE GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH!
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Bryan & I on our Wedding Day: Oct. 27, 2007
Bryan & Rae playing Nintendo Wii.
Bryan teaching the boys how to play the Viola.
                                         Bryan & Princess.. Smooches ;-)
Hubby Getting ready for work.
Goofing Around...
B & the Kids.
Now you know this is love. Kissing me with my hair looking like that.
I just took my braids out. lol
Bryan & I are at his Prom in May 1997.
Us Love Day Feb.14, 2010

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