Part 1 Fall Fashions 101 "Accessories".

 Those who know me personally know that I am the Queen of Accessories. I have a million and one pairs of earrings, necklaces, bangles, scarfs, head wraps, hats, rings, sun glasses, & shoes. You name it, I have it. I've learned a long time ago that Accessories can make any plain/boring outfit come to life. Here are a few photo's of my most resent purchase of Fall Fashion Accessories.

 I purchased these Burnt Orange Boots for $19 & the matching Belt for $6.99 from my local Discount Store.

I love love love this Hobo style hand bags. The Rhinestone imprints scream Fall. This bag is very stylish. It will match well with  Brown Knee High Boots & a Gold Bangle. I paid $13.99 for this bag.

I brought this earring & bracelet set from AVON. I got it on sale as a set for $17.99. I loves these earrings because they are bold and bright. They bring out my face & hair style. They are Bronze and Tan in color. I rock these earrings with pretty much anything.

Brooches are a must have. I wear them all year round. I can guarantee you that they will never go out of style. I wear them in singles or in clusters. I make sure, when I wear Brooches, that the colors are in season. I brought these brooches from my local Beauty Supply Store for $2.99 each.

                     I don't need to say to much about hats. I wear them with            any & everything.

 When I purchased this multi-colored Scarf, I brought it with the intent to mix & match them with gloves of my choice.

I brought these Head Wraps from AVON's MARK Collection. These are a little steep in price but I paid $15 for each Wrap.

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