Human Hair Braids

Ms. Jones is rocking Wet-N-Wavy Human Hair Braids. This particular style took me 16 hours to complete. I styled her hair with My Beauty Hair, which is a Premium Quality Human Hair Blend. This mean that this pack of hair is not 100% Human Hair but it operates as a form of Human Hair. This hair is very soft & tangle free just like real Human Hair. When you wet the hair, it will crinkle up into a beautiful wavy style. You can find this extremely affordable pack of hair for $12.99 at your local Beauty Supply Store.

Washing Instructions according to the Chois International, the creator of My Beauty Hair.
*Wash Hair with Shampoo & rinse thoroughly in warm water.
*Apply cream rinse or conditioning spray.
*Hair dryers & electric curling irons can be used.
*Pat dry & brush with wide tooth comb, starting from middle and going down, then brush the top.

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