Flat Twist & Weave

     You all know by now that hair styling is something I enjoy doing on the side. It has become one of  my favorite things to do & I am strongly considering making moves to allow my new joy to grow from a baby to a full grown adult...This Blog has become a major blessing in my life. Sense creating this Blog, I have been styling at least three heads a week!  People have been blowing my phone up to make appointments for their daughters, sons & even for themselves. I am so excited as to how fast business is picking up for me. The extra money have been such a blessing for my family.. So before I post another blog, I would like to say Thank You to everyone who has viewed my Blog & passed it around to family & friends...It is because of you that my new found passion is glooming...I will encourage anyone who has a dream on their heart, & would like for others to part take of their aspiration, creativity & excitement, creating a Blog is a great idea.

These are  photos of Flat Twist/ Weave...This is one of my most recent Hair Styles...

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